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Catalytic Enantioselective Synthesis of Cα-tetrasubstituted α-amino Acids
周 剑
华东师范大学 化学与分子工程学院 绿色化学与化工过程绿色化上海市重点实验室, 上海 200062
School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, East China Normal University, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Green Chemistry and Chemical Processes, Shanghai 200062
α-季碳氨基酸 不对称催化 Strecker反应 亲核加成反应 胺化反应 α-硝基乙酸酯
Cα-tetrasubstituted α-amino acids asymmetric catalysis Strecker reaction nucleophilic addition amination α-substituted nitroacetates
α-季碳氨基酸是一类优势骨架,广泛存在于天然产物、药物以及生物活性分子中,发展对其高效、高选择性的合成方法是现代有机合成化学的前沿研究热点.主要介绍我们小组近十年来在不对称催化合成α-季碳氨基酸中的研究进展.我们的工作主要基于以下4种策略:1)酮亚胺的不对称Strecker反应; 2)α-酮酸酯衍生的酮亚胺的不对称亲核加成反应; 3)前手性氧化吲哚的不对称胺化反应; 4)基于α-硝基乙酸酯的不对称官能团化反应.
Cα-Tetrasubstituted α-amino acids represent a type of privileged motifs widely present in natural products, drugs and pharmaceutically active compounds. The highly stereoselective synthesis of this prominent structural motif constitutes a very active research territory in modern organic chemistry and has attracted great synthetic attention. This review summarizes our endeavours in catalytic asymmetric synthesis of Cα-tetrasubstituted α-amino acids, in the past decade. Our research is based on the following four synthetic strategies: 1)Strecker reaction of ketimine; 2)nucleophilic addition of α-ketoester derived ketimine; 3)amination of 3-substituted oxindoles; 4)functionalization of α-substituted nitroacetates.


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